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International Conference on Management Research 2023 

16-18 November 2023
Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

ICMR '23

DoMS, IIT Madras
16-18 Nov 23

Welcome to ICMR 2023 - International Conference on Management Research, organised by the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The conference will give management scholars and practitioners a stage to present their research work to a global audience. Additionally, the conference offers a forum for networking among researchers, industry practitioners and international participants.


The ICMR 2023 Conference is organised by the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), Chennai, India, scheduled to be held from 16 to 18 November,  2023 at the IIT Madras campus. We would consider an online presentation (only for international participants) based on request.

The Conference

"Unchecking the Default:
The Other Side of Everything!"

The conference theme of “Unchecking the Default: The Other Side of Everything!” challenges us to look at fresh perspectives to uncheck what has been established as the normal. This opens up a realm of possibilities where we can push our boundaries, question what we consider to be the 'truth', and counter conventional wisdom. By critically examining default beliefs and assumptions, we can uncover hidden inefficiencies, biases, and limitations that hinder our progress.


Embracing this mindset entails more than a mere shift in perspective; it necessitates being ok to be ‘wrong’ and to have made an error, going against our initial ingrained assumptions, actively unlearning old beliefs, and embracing the possibility of unconventional thinking. By consciously considering the exact opposite of what we have assumed, we open the door to unexplored realms of creativity. This deliberate exploration of uncharted territories can lead to the emergence of entirely new and innovative ideas that were previously unimaginable. By breaking free from our default assumptions, we create space for transformative and ground breaking concepts to flourish.


We invite you to contribute to the conference by providing new insights and transformative perspectives, breaking away from default modes of thinking across various fields in management.


Keynote Speakers



Track 1

Enhancing Relevance - Marketing for Sustainable Success: Ethical, Responsible, and Profitable

Track 2

The Off Side of Integrative Management and Strategy

Track 3

Rethinking Information Systems - Navigating the Uncharted Horizons of Innovation and Responsible Practices

Track 4

Operations: Embracing the Unconventional

Track 5

HRM - OB: Unlocking the Productivity Paradox

Track 6

Financial Horizons: Navigating Through the Ever-Changing Landscape

Track 7

Unleashing Rural Potential for Transformation

Track 8

Storm The Norm: The Industry Lens

Suggested Journal Outlets

These ABDC-ranked journals are available for you to submit your paper if it aligns with the journal's aims and scope. Please note that your submission will undergo regular review process of the journal; the journals do not endorse or sponsor this conference.

Papers submitted from the conference to the Management Decision Journal will go directly for Review


Business Horizons

containerImg (1).png

Management Decision


International Journal of Organizational Analysis


Key Dates

Conference Dates: 16-18 Nov, 2023

10 June 2023

Notification for Call for Submissions

01 July, 2023

Paper Submission Opens

20 July, 2023

Registration Opens for Masterclasses and Conference

30 August, 2023

Paper Submission Closes

10 October, 2023

Paper Acceptance Notification

10 November, 2023

Registration Closes for Masterclasses and Conference

Registration Fee Details

Participants from other countries
USD 150
USD 75
 Practitioner presenter
INR 12000
Registration Fee

Early Bird

(by 16 Oct)

Participants from India 
INR 5000
INR 2000
INR 3000
INR 2000
INR 3000
INR 10000
INR 12000
USD 200
USD 100
INR 15000

Regular Registration

(17 Oct – 31 Oct)

INR 6000
INR 3000
INR 4000
INR 4000
INR 13000
USD 220
USD 120
INR 16000

Late Registration

(1 Nov – 10 Nov)

INR 7000
INR 4000
INR 5000
USD 40
USD 45
USD 50
USD 25
USD 30
USD 35
USD 120
USD 130
USD 140

Registration fee includes:

  • Pre-conference masterclasses.

  • Full conference.

  • Refreshments, lunch and a networking dinner.

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