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As academicians, researchers, and practitioners, we frequently seek solace in established practices and default approaches. However, historically, the greatest scientific breakthroughs that revolutionized our understanding of the universe and its processes were made by minds who had the courage to question and challenge these statusquo and conventional beliefs. In a rapidly evolving world, it becomes paramount to challenge the existing paradigms and venture into uncharted territory to foster growth and innovation. The International Conference on Management Research (ICMR) 2023 calls for a collective reflection on unchecking the default, unlocking new possibilities and shaping the future of management studies.


The Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (DoMS, IITM) is proud to present the inaugural edition of ICMR 2023. The conference is envisioned to unite management scholars, faculty, academic researchers and practitioners from around the world for in-depth discussions and exchange of original ideas. To jump-start these conversations, the conference seeks to offer a variety of tracks, panel discussions and sessions. We cordially invite you to participate in this transformative conference and be a part of the global conversation on management research. 

The Conference


Track 1

Enhancing Relevance - Marketing for Sustainable Success: Ethical, Responsible, and Profitable

Track 2

The Off Side of Integrative Management/ Strategy

Track 3

Rethinking Information Systems - Navigating the Uncharted Horizons of Innovation and Responsible Practices

Track 4

Operations: Embracing the Unconventional

Track 5

HRM: Unlocking the Productivity Paradox

Track 6

Financial Horizons: Navigating Through the Ever-Changing Landscape

Track 7

Unleashing Rural Potential

Track 8

Storm The Norm: Industry Lens

Author Guidelines for Submission

For your article to be published in the proceedings or journal, all authors must closely adhere to the standards and formatting instructions for paper submission.

  1. Submissions need to be original and should not be already published or          presented elsewhere.

  2. Full paper or work-in-progress paper to be submitted for oral presentation.

  3. Extended Abstract to be submitted for Poster Presentation.

  4. A paper may only be submitted to one track. When submitting your work, kindly choose the most pertinent track.

  5. Regardless of the sequence of authorship, each author may submit a maximum of two papers. Kindly ensure that each paper submitted is distinct and original.

  6. Submissions sent after the deadline will not be sent for review.

  7. Only submissions in English-language will be considered.

  8. In cases of plagiarism and unethical practices, the contribution will be rejected without undergoing further review

  9. To present the paper at the conference, at least one of the authors  must register for the conference and present the paper in the scheduled session. At the conference, a presenting author is limited to presenting one paper.

  10. Post submission, no requests for revisions to the paper title, abstract, authors, track, and actual text shall be taken into consideration. As a general guideline:

(i) The paper should have an abstract not exceeding a maximum of 300 words.

(ii) A set of maximum 6 author specified keywords should be provided.

(iii) The paper should not exceed a maximum of 5000 words, including all tables, figures, references, and appendices.

(iv) The paper should follow Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spacing.

(v) All pages should be numbered.

(vi) The paper should be submitted in the conference submission system as a single PDF file.

(vii) The paper should follow the APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style.

Poster Presentations through Extended Abstracts

Extended abstracts for posters must serve as concise summaries of complete research papers, capturing all essential aspects within a shorter format than full text. The structure of an extended abstract poster should include specific subtitles:

(i) abstract and keywords,

(ii) introduction and objectives,

(iii) methodology,

(iv) findings, and

(v) conclusion and future directions.

It is necessary to write the extended abstract using the 12-point font (Times New Roman suggested) with one-inch margins on the sides, top and bottom with single-line spacing. The abstract can include figures, tables, or images. The extended abstract should be limited to 4 pages excluding references.

Please Note: Only full papers will be accepted for oral presentations; therefore, participants submitting extended abstracts will be considered only for poster presentations.


Best Paper Award

The papers chosen for presentation will be evaluated by the conference chairs, discussants, and faculty review committee, who will also choose the winner of the Best Paper Award. The work that best exemplifies research excellence, as determined by the aforementioned people, shall receive this honour. Attractive prize money waiting for you!

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